Our Global Family

Captian Lenoard Cheshire

‘[We] need to set our sights high, to be satisfied with nothing less than the best, and to commit ourselves totally and unreservedly to participate in the struggle to build a more liveable world.’ — Leonard Cheshire

Cheshire Homes of Saskatoon is part of the a network of over 200 independently managed Cheshire organisations. The members work in 54 countries across Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe. With more than a billion people with disabilities — 15% of the world’s population — they are one of the most disadvantaged and marginalised groups in society. Global Alliance members are united by a desire to change attitudes towards disability around the world, supporting each other through sharing skills and experience. Each Cheshire organisation has its own independent governance structure and individual NGO status.

Many Global Alliance members work in partnership with our regional offices to implement projects across core programme areas: Education, Livelihoods, and Policy and Campaigning. This network is supported by a secretariat based at Leonard Cheshire Disability's UK head office. The secretariat facilitates the sharing of learning and best practice among Global Alliance members and coordinates common initiatives.

Global Alliance members in each country are usually organised in national councils at country level and in regional councils across seven regions:

By helping to support Cheshire Homes of Saskatoon, You become a part of Our Global Family. We are happy to accept all forms of donations so please consider Donating and/or Volunteering your time to Cheshire Homes of Saskatoon.