Staff Recognition

Our employees often go above and beyond what is expected of them in most cases. We are asking all Staff and Residents to recognize any staff member that has done something truly special on a day to day to make Cheshire a better place to live and work. By showing our appreciation we create an environment of respect and give your peer/care attendant a sense of ownership and belonging at Cheshire Homes of Saskatoon. We want to celebrate our Staffs' accomplishments, achievements and community contributions so in September 2015 we started KUDOS. We are asking all Staff and Residents to share your "above and beyond" moments with us in the form of pictures, newspaper articles etc. Please send in your KUDOS via email or stop by the “KUDOS White board” in the Resources Room of House 1. We will have paper, pens and a box for you to write in your KUDOS nominee. It's a great way to recognize a fellow co-worker each month. We will be doing monthly draws from the number of recognitions we receive of Gift Card to various products and services around Saskatoon.

Recognition Winners

2017 Winners: January - Kal Zhang; February - Catherine Baculi; March - Esther Adeleke; April - Loralee Cummins; May - Cathy Slade; June - Vivian Onaemo; July - A. Madu; August - Andrea S; September - Bose Oluwole; October - Maryann Leynes; November - Belma Pagbunukan; December - Janet Boechler

2016 Winners: January - Mary-Anne Lynes; February - Linda Buck; March - Jhun Leynes; April - Cathy Slade; May - Khimlyn Magtouba, Rolando Samson, Esther Adeleke, Tony Watson & Jazmine Hernandez; June - Hiarat Oloyede; July - Jazmine Hernandez; August - Loralee Cummins; September - Jazmine Hernandez; October - Loralee Cummins; November - Linda Buck; December - Linda Buck

2015 Winners: September - Oliaide Akinbuwa; October - Candice Campbell; November - Miriam Abarcar-Compas; December - MaryAnn Lynes

drawing for a winner